How to Get Your Nes Working Properly!

Hi! Now some of you have had trouble getting your Nes games to work on your first try. Here is a simple guide to cleaning your Nes games properly and efficiently.
**Note: You should probably practice on a game you don’t really care for
***Note: I’m not resposible for damaged goods.

*Look behind the Nes cart, you will see that is contains 3-5 Phillip Head Screws.
1. Have the proper tool to open the Nes cart, they sell these at your local Home Depot. Just show them the case and tell them you want something to unscrew them with.
2. Super Fine sandpaper
3. Windex
4. A dry cloth
5. Canned Air

1. Open the Nes case
2. Take out the board
3. Take your Super Fine sand paper and gently scrap off everything that ha an orangy color to it on the Pin connectors. Apply a very light but firm pressure.
4. Repeat on the other side
5. Spray your dry cloth with some windex
6. Remove all of the debris that you were able to scrap off
7. Piece together the cart once again, putting the screw back on but DO NOT over tighten.
8. Check it out on your Nes and see if it turns on correctly without the red blinking light.

I have had cases where no matter how many times you clean the game it just simply won’t work. It’s ok its bound to happen to a game or two. The more practice you get the faster you can get it done. Fortunately you can use this same method to open up your Snes and Genesis games as well!

Well have fun guys with your newly restored games!