Create your clan with Clash of Clans.

Clash of clans is a game played by almost all the mobile game players and if you haven’t played the game, you are missing out on a lot. The game is developed and published by Supercell. It is played on android and iOS compatible phones available for free in the Application Store. It was first available on 2nd August 2012 on iOS and the next year on 7th October on windows.

It is a strategic game, which is based on a virtual world where the player is the head of the village. The players build their city using resources which they acquire by attacking and defeating other players. It is single as well as a multiplayer game. Players can form a team called the clans and attack together, gain points and resources. The players talk to each other and strategize their attack. People create WhatsApp group specially for playing this game.

The game plan:

The players build a clan, a community sort of where people live.

The player train their troops, soldiers and attack to gain points. The rewards are in the form of gold, elixir, gems. Gold and elixir are used to create defense against attack from the enemy. They also upgrade the troop with the elixir. Gems are precious and important currency.

Players need to build gold mines to store the gold they buy or earn in the game, likewise they need elixir storages.

The clash of clans free gems are used to finish the ongoing activity faster. Like building of blocks can be done faster with use of gems. It can be used to upgrade the troops or finish training the troops faster.

The game consists of two kinds of spells factories- spell factory and dark spell factory and two types of barracks- barracks and dark barracks. The barracks create troops using these elixir, the dark barracks make troops using dark barracks. There are different types of spell like Lighting spell, Heal spell, Rage spell, Jump spell, Freeze spell. All the spells and troops are different. As one progresses in the game they can unlock more of these spells and troops.

The main part of the game is the Clan Wars. A number of players join together and form a clan and then start a war against the other clans against them.

Each clan has a day of “preparation day” and one “war day”. The players attack and get rated with stars based on the amount and type of destruction. Each player has an option of two attacks per war. The team which has the maximum number of stars are rewarded and made victorious.

In case if there is a tie between the team, having equal number of stars then the team which has caused maximum destruction to the opponent’s team is declared victorious. The players receive bonus on using attacks in the war.

Well along with the game rules you will need to know how to use cheats for playing the game easily.

How will the cheats help you?

You will have unlimited access to gems and elixir.

It will help you find resources easily.

You will be easily able to strategize and this will eventually help you to win the games.

You do not need to worry of getting banned by Supercell for using cheats as it is legal and if you use it from a proper website you can be rest assured. The Clash of Clans cheats give you enough options of better and faster training of the troops and better attack and war training with proper defense.